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Other Activities
We have the facilities for both indoor and outdoor yoga practice, both of which enable participants to enjoy the peace and beauty or the surroundings. Regular yoga classes are held throughout the week ar the Sammati Studio. We also organise workshops and retreats for group of 15 people maximum.
Yoga Studio


 Our yoga studio has large windows along one side allowing natural light to enter and fantastic views of the mountains and pine forests. The floor is laminated wood and air conditioning is fitted to ensure the room is at the perfect temperature for practice.

Changing rooms and showers
We have spacious changing rooms with showers and toilets.

La The finca is located high up at a great vantage point for enjoying the view from athe large veranda, from where we practice yoga outdoors.

The Sammati Studio is available to rent. For more information, please contact us.
 Weekly Class Timetable

Tuesday......(19:30) 1hr y 15min.  Freestyle Hatha Yoga

Wednesday..........(15:45) 1hr. Pregnancy yoga and yoga with                                                                         supports.

Thursday.......(19:30) Mindfullness; 1hr. Hatha Yoga + 1/2hr                                                              Meditation.

Saturday.....(10:30) 1hr y 15min.  Freestyle Hatha Yoga



Price per class €5 ( there is the option to pay €35 a month for a pass to attend as many classes as you wish. )


The classes are in Spanish but we can also offer English as well.



Other Classes  (Reservation  required, mínimum 3 people)


Every first Sunday of the month      (10:30)          Meditación.

Every third Friday of the month       (19:30)          (Nidra) Meditación

We also offer:            Yoga with support                       Kundalini Yoga

                                               Hatha Yoga                        Ashtanga Yoga

                                               Iyengar Yoga                      Pilates

                                               Stretches                            Meditation

                                               Private Classes                   Ayurveda

If you are interested in any of these classes, click "book a class" to contact us and let us know. We are very open to suggestions.


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