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    Halloween Weekend

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 Thursday  31 Oct-Sunday 3 Nov

Sammatí Wellness Finca has prepared a unique, healthy Yoga Retirement for Halloween weekend, where you will need to have all your senses awake. It depends on you to book your stay now, as only 8 people are allowed.


Yoga Sammatí Retirement will take place from Thursday 31st October until Sunday 3rd November. Four days and three nights to enjoy an amazing environment where only mother nature breaks the peace of the site.



Yoga Sammatí Retirement is affordable for only 275 Euro per person in double room (maximum four people per room). You will also get to know the world and usages of olives, and various recipes of our healthy Mediterranean Cuisine...



Sammatí Wellness Finca has organized for this Yoga Retirement a wide range of activities mixing local natural and traditional Mediterranean gastronomy, sports in Nature and relax. The goal is to achieve balance and harmony with body and mind. Find your wellness.



Main core of the Retirement is Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda, but also allowing time for cycling on mountain bike at countryside and beach. And also workshops on olive culture.



Each day we will tackle an area related to olive oil and its benefits; as well as the olive fruit. For this purpose Sammatí Wellness Finca is simply perfect: surrounded by olive trees and typical Mediterranean flora, we will have all that we need to prepare delicious, healthy and nourishing dishes to be tasted afterwards in the dining room, our covered terrace or by the pool, along with a healthy glass of wine, full of antioxidants, if you wish...



We at Sammatí Wellness Finca are fully aware of the importance of eating healthy so we offer you fresh and natural products.



You can swim in the pool, enjoy our jacuzzi, read, walk through orange and lemon trees, or just lay down and listen to Mother Nature's sounds.

And for those who cannot fully disconnect completely from everyday's life, we offer WiFi as well.



Sammatí Wellness Finca gives you themeans, you chose the way to enjoy...





- Welcome drink


- Accomodation: three nights in fully equipped rooms (toilet and shower room, towels set per person, hair dryer, linen, duvet, microwave, kettle and minbar) 


- Vegetarian menus: Three breakfasts, three lunches, three main meals, three afternoon picnics, four dinners (several dishes to chose)


- Drinks: Free water, juices, herbal teas and coffee.


- Yoga sessions: There will be 6 in total (Thursday night, Friday morning and evening, Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday morning)


- Olive Culture workshop: we will prepare different dishes with olives as ingredient, tinned olives with local herbs, olive oil testing. Nutrition &  Gastronomy.


- Workshop and speech on Innate health.


- Farewell drink


*All activities offered are for you to chose: you decide your own Halloween holidays.


*If you preferred to join Yoga Sammatí Retirement without accomodation, it is also possible. Price would be 200 Euro.





- Airport transfer ( San Javier Airport, 15 euro; Alicante Airport, 50 euro)


- Travel / accident insurance

- Meals extras (check prices)

- Extra alcoholic beverages (check prices)

- Other treatments and therapies available (ask for our list at the House)




-Confortable clothes

-Trainers or similar

- Swimming suit

- Waterproof equipment (you never know!)


* Tons of happiness and



SAMMATÍ WELLNESS FINCA welcomes you to share moments you won't forget on Halloween weekend.








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