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Intensive with Lucy Crawford

11-15 May 2020


5 days of Assisted self-practice (Monday to Friday) 2 afternoon Workshop 1,5h sessions


Assisted self-practice:
Group 1: 7.30-9.30

Group 2: 10.00-12.00

Max. 8 students per group


Afternoon workshop:

Tuesday 15.00 -16.30

Thursday: 15.00 -16.30

Days and exact times for the afternoon workshops
may change.


Sammati yoga studio

"Happy to host Lucy again as we all had an amazing experience with her here in May at Sammati."

Jj van Tuijl

Lucy remains committed to the traditional practice method of ashtanga yoga, whilst offering supports and variations as a way to remain authentic and empathic to the limitations present. Positive teaching is assisting in the exploration, always open to new possibilities.


Yoga is a Practice that embodies health, it provides us some space from the mind stuff that we all get caught up in and breeds self reflection - a powerful tool in our relationships to self and other.  "Yoga supports our connection to that un-nameable something that we are all a part off.  When I share Yoga - I realise that there is so much to share. I acknowledge that what  I share, is  a drop in the ocean and is clearly limited by my own understanding, but when I do share and if I help one human being, then its worth it ”  

Lucy’s teaching style is attentive to detail combining cranio-sacral body listening skills with yoga asana alignment through foundation and awareness - for the free movement of breath.


I offer my teaching as a gratitude to the lineage of Yoga, to Guruji, Sharath Rangaswamay, and Saraswathhi Jois, for all that they shared and continue to share in their unlimited dedication to all of us novice students on a path of Yoga. 


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Please contact us for more information or book your place for the workshop at Sammati.

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